The unique manufactory of the Swiss Alps.

In the midst of the Valaisian Alps at almost 900 meters above sea level, you will find the only eyewear manufacturer of Switzerland.

Founded in 1992 by Caroline and Marcus Marienfeld, the company today produces with a team of 7 employees the five eyewear collection lines from the middle segment through the upper segment and at least to the precious metal frames. Materials such as titanium, Indian water buffalo horn, magnesium, fiberglass and carbon, as well as the precious metal 18kt gold are the starting materials of these spectacle frames.

Modern five axis CNC technology supports the original practiced craftsmanship. Goldsmiths and watchmakers bring their expertise to craft these high quality products - 100% Handmade in Switzerland.

The enclave of the Valais Alps is the motivator and guarantor of innovation and quality.