Over a glass of wine, two friends talk about their work and their shared love of craftsmanship. Marcus Marienfeld, a trained goldsmith who opened his innovative glasses workshop 28 years ago, and Olivier Mounir, a vintner from Cave du Rhodan in Salgesch like two generations of his family before him. Their discussion led to an idea – and after various talks, drawings and prototypes, the shared project became a reality. Barrique Eyewear was born.


A true work of art, formed from an oak tree grown over decades and then crafted into barrique barrels. Watched over with care and passion, this is where Cave du Rhodan wines mature.

After the wine is bottled and the fine barrique barrels have fulfilled their purpose, they are separated again into their component parts, and the staves handed over to the glasses manufacturer Marcus Marienfeld.


Marcus selects pieces of the old oak wood by hand, as only the best of the staves have the honour of becoming part of his glasses. Oak is a coarse wood, hard and durable; and yet it is a wood that lives and breathes. It is a wonderful raw material for glasses frames.

This is why Marcus Marienfeld decided to mill his glasses in 3D – to model them. The wooden block moves as though of its own accord as it is processed by the coated milling cutter, layer by layer.


Customers can choose between the Petite Arvine, Heida, Humagne Rouge and Cornalin models – all originals, all local specialities – Alpine eyewear for Alpine wine connoisseurs.

Born from the mind of nature, perfected in the cellar of the Cave du Rhodan, brought to life in the eyewear manufactory of Marcus Marienfeld, saturated with the best wines of the Valais - their wearer can guess and hear the scent of their history, accompanied by the wine matured in their barrel - Barrique Eyewear.