The Marcus Marienfeld AG. The small titanium smithy in the middle of the Swiss mountains.


There it is, upon in district Wallis, in this urban part of Switzerland, this part of the country, where people normally like to take there holidays. Near Zermatt with its highest mountain of Switzerland, the "Matterhorn". A place like a paradise. Here we design, build up and produce our frames, handmade in Switzerland. By using exclusive absolutely natural materials like titanium, buffalo horn and the precious materials 18 karat gold and pure platinum.

The classic style is our home - to follow a line is our highest objective.
You should be able to see this line in each of our collections. We are not interested in standards, we are any time looking for new ways in designing our single parts. The most important mark is to high up again and again our quality and service, the key factors of our time.